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Did you know we can assist you at home and at work? 

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Our world is changing to be enabled and powered by technology, navigating all the options out there is complex. We can assist you with the right solutions for your business.

Our focus is security first ensuring that your business can be confident in handling your customers important data, being compliant and resilient to cyber-attacks and infrastructure interruptions. We call this Business Continuity and Disaster Recover (BCDR)

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Our amazing residential team are highly trained and proud to offer you sales, service and repair for your computer and technology needs locally in Sorell. 

We offer fixed price servicing, so you don’t get bill shock.


You can find us at Shop 5 / 33 Cole Street, Sorell, 7172

You can also give us a call on 03 61275255

Larkins Tech was started by Michael Larkins in 2014, At first operating out of home and growing to now having a team of 5 and moving into our newly renovated shop in Sorell. 

Yes, we are proud to work closely with our partner providers to offer you the right solution.

We can also ensure that your property has complete coverage enabling small to large properties to enjoy seemless WiFi and connect all network devices like smart devices and CCTV


Yes, we are very excited to bring our business end point protection to our residential offering. Our End Point Protection (EPP) is design to be silent and simply just work! 

If something is detected our EPP will attempt to resolve it in real time, if it isn’t sure the threat is quarantined, and our technicians are informed to take manual action. If our technicians aren’t sure we call you and take the appropriate next steps.

Yes, not only can we help significantly reduce your spam but we can also help you defend against business email compromise (BEC), and phishing attacks that target Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

This is just a start, the most important thing we can do is educate you and your staff on what to look out for.  

Yes, If you haven’t heard of Security Awareness Training (SAT) it is a learning solution to help educate your staff on things to be aware off when using IT systems and services like email and websites. 

We provide short courses that form your risk score, from there we send out simulated tests to make sure what was learn has stuck. If the test is failed further education is provided.


Knowing your workforce risk score can help you show evidence to your insurance and for government compliance.

Yes, IT is more than just providing services like email and fixing them when they misbehave. 

We believe that right now and into the future IT has a shared responsibility with you the business owner to provide you with accurate up to date information on how to be secure, efficient and make informed decision to grow your business.

To achieve this, we don’t want to talk about computers, fist we must talk about your business operations, how you work? where you work? what’s critical to your operation? how do your customers interact with you? What information do you collect? what services do you rely on that are provided by someone else? (this includes us!)

By working through questions like this we understand how you do what you do best and can provide accurate and tailored technology solutions.

If you are interested to work through this, get in touch with us.

The journey is different for each business.

Great question! 

a single log in for a software you use daily can be painful with forced Multi-Factor Authentication on the rise.

In an ideal world everyone would get their own log in but sometimes that isn’t an option or isn’t cost effective. 

To ensure you are safe and complaint we recommend the use of a password manager. 

Our recommended solution from Keeper allows you to build out your teams shared credentials with the ability to store your MFA token inside the record. 

This means the right people have access to the right resources with the right security in place. 

There are other benefits to keeper, get in touch and ask us

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