Residential IT Support

Larkins Tech has been providing comprehensive IT support to residential clients in Sorell and greater southern Tasmania since 2014. Our IT support services can help solve any issue that you may be encountering with one or more of your devices, or network. Below are just some of our services.

Technology Setup and Advice

Upgrading your home’s technology can be a daunting task, and the products you buy today, and how they are set up can influence the experience and value you get from your investment. Larkins Tech can provide advice on products as well as assist with professionally setting up your new hardware, a new computer to a smart device and everything in-between.

Data Recovery and Protection

We can provide support to both clients that want to prevent data loss and those that have already experienced it. Basic storage devices like hard drives are like a light bulb or the tread on tyres, in other words, storage devices become less reliable over time, with their lifespan influenced by their usage and environment. For this reason, it’s critical that clients maintain backups of their important data.

Malware and Virus Removal

Malware can impact any PC regardless of its operating system. While some malware can be difficult to detect until damage is caused, some malware signs include performance degradation, unexplained software & the continuous displaying of notifications of an alarmist nature. We can detect & remove Malware, as well as prevent it through industry-leading prevention & removal tools.

System Maintenance

Is your PC running slow, performing inconsistently or running loudly? These may be signs that your PC requires maintenance. Larkins Tech can optimise your PC so that it’s performance is as high as possible. While physical inspections of your PC may reveal excess dust, a hard drive that is close to failing & other hardware issues.

Help Desk (Level 1-3)

Computer issues and other IT issues can be frustrating and impact your productivity. Our dedicated helpdesk fully staffed in Sorell is designed to assist clients with IT issues and provide stress-free technical assistance. Allowing you to have a frustration-free computing experience, and the highest level of productivity.

Guidance, Advice and Diagnostics

Get expert advice on all your tech needs from obtaining faster internet, making your home smarter, adding a security system to your home, and everything in-between. Be confident you are being guided to the right solution from our experts. Need to know what’s wrong and the best path to resolving? We’ll work with you to find a solution.

Are your phone & internet good value?

We’ve partnered with Pennytel to offer customers fantastic value options for their internet and phone needs, and with our local store and expert friendly staff it’s never been easier to get a better deal backed by our great customer service. We make saving, and switching easy!